Thursday, March 6, 2008

An Unfair Trade?

This image says it all for me. Firstly, even after watching the YouTube video on how to solve a Rubic's Cube, I'm still confused. Secondly, I found an old picture of myself taken when I was 18 years old and realized that there has been a terrible injustice done to all mankind - trading your youth for wisdom.
Gazing upon the old shot, my first thoughts were OMG! WTF?
It's not like nobody told me that smoking a pack of cigarettes and eating potato chips every day for 20 years was going to age me prematurely, but back then I lacked the wisdom to take that advice seriously...which is, as I said earlier, a terrible injustice.
So, what do I do now? Call the nearest plastic surgeon and have my boobs lifted, my fine lines lasered off? I'm not quite ready for that yet (see "chicken" in the dictionary and find a picture of me). Truly, the only thing I really wouldn't mind spending the cash on is a professional tooth whitening treatment, but I've procrastinated over this one as well.
So, for all you young people out there, take my advice and look after yourself before it's too late to reverse the damage. "Hello, did you hear me? Are you listening to me? Did you not hear what I just said?"
Oh, never mind...this advice is just going to fall on deaf ears. When they finally figure it out, all you'll hear for miles around is OMG! WTF?, and the sounds of bank machines being drained to pay for plastic surgery treatments.

Cheers, S.

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