Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just Do It Yourself!

Here's an interesting observation that's certainly not new, (but not many people are talking about it)...everybody wants to be in control. A perfect set of modern examples are both in the form of entertainment:
1) TV Reality Programs where the viewer gets to vote, and thus make a personal difference in what they see, like American Idol - essentually feeling in control of the programming,
2) The internet explosion in the form of Blog spots, You Tube, My Space...
Who doesn't want to be in control? If you say "not me", you'd be a liar.
The second part of this observation is in the "look at me" phase that is directly associated with our obsession with this new found level of control. Who is the funniest? Who is the coolest?, Who has the most visits to their web site? Who has the prettiest pictures? Who is the best/worst singer? Who can renovate their home without the aid of a certified contractor? Is this about competion or is it because we-the-people now have more control than ever before, rather than the corporations who once controled everything for us?
For the most part I compare this new direction to the free thinking movement that was thrust upon the general population by the 'make love, not war' generation of the 60's. It's a complete turn-around from even just 10 years ago where being in control was limited to your own household or your business.
We've taken this new found freedom to the 'N-th' degree and sometimes it's a little frightening to see where it's taken us. Don't get me wrong, I am completely open minded about the 'I'm in control now' movement - Power To The People, I say! Just don't expect me to buy your house now that you've taken control of your handyman fantasy and learned to put on that new addition by watching 12 back to back episodes of Extreme Makeover Home Edition starring the ever so charming Ty Pennington. I'm proud of you for dusting off your tool belts and table saws, but there is a limit to taking control and just doing it yourself, for me. Some things ( like the roof over my head)are sacred and will only be worked on by certified professionals.
I only have one question left...will we eventually do it yourself distruct?
Cheers, S.

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