Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moronic Advertising Tactics

I cannot say just how many of you spend much time watching the advertisements seen during the breaks on your favourite TV shows, but if you've seen the latest Tim Horton's spots on the wheel of donuts, then you know where I'm going with this conversation.

I think the very last, and I mean seriously last thing I'd do, if I could spare the time, is to make a wheel of donuts out of spare materials in my garage. (long, long pause taken here, while shaking my head in disbelief).

Then, just when I thought it was only Tim Hortons who had a chronic habit as of late, depicting their customers as ultimate morons, I see that McDonalds has also jumped on the "let's make our customers look stupid in commercials" bandwagon as well.

Case and point: People talking to their new McDonalds steak wrap like they were going to have a private moment in the bathroom after eating one...and I'm not refering to a bowel movement here. Seriously??? Is that what fast food means to us now...a wierd sexual fantasy or a compultion to build toys to choose which deep fried, honey glazed, caramel stuffed, fat filled sustinence to buy today!!!

I could handle this line of marketing strategy if (and that is a big if), they were actually funny on some level. But they are not.

What I would give to have the power to whack the executives who approved these ads up the side of the head with a 30 year old copy of David Ogilvy on Advertising! Keep up with trends? That would be a YES. Insult your customers' intelligence? That would be a NO.

Ok. The break is over can go back to your regularly scheduled program!

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