Monday, August 31, 2009

People Are Weird

Ok, so I said it out loud & likely offended a few souls out there, but frankly we are all weird. The question is "how weird is weird to you?". Some of us have huge tolerance levels for weirdness, and others have none at all. I have a huge tolerance and find people whom others would classify weird quite interesting...because they ARE weird. I don't "judge" people anymore because I've been known to be amazingly wrong about my preconceptions. Plus, I'd hate for someone to meet me on a bad day and tell everyone they know that I'm a bitch, when the truth is that I'm a very nice person who enjoys observing weird people, while occassionally having bad days.

Do we judge others too quickly? Yes - and it is a destructive habit! The reason I bring up the subject of weirdness is because I attended the ACDC concert the other night and was surround by the largest crowd of weird people I've ever encountered before. But I mean weird in a good way. These people were huge fans - devoted fans - adoring fans - drunk and/or stoned fans - whom could not have been more excited about the arrival of their favourite band to Vancouver than Premier Gordon Campbell getting away with bringing in the HST. It was like watching roughly 55,000 people milling around the street whom had all just won a large sum of money in the lottery. They were adroned in red flashing horns, ACDC t-shirts, headbands, school boy shorts & ties, tams, wigs, tattoos & wide eyed excitement. They ranged in age from 12 - 70 (similar to the Rolling Stone's concert crowd). Let's face the everyday Joe, these people were pretty much as weird as weird gets, next to Gay Pride Day attendees! And as a side note, watching "normal people" watch "weird people" was equally as entertaining. Damned I wish I had my good camera with me!
Below is a 15 second video clip of the concert. We had floor seats, but if I could do this again I wouldn't pay for a floor seat as it was a waste of money (unless you have no intension of actually "seeing" the band). If you can't understand what they are singing in this clip, don't worry - we couldn't either because the decible levels were unregisterable!


Ok, so the bottom line here is that you just gotta love people for who they are. If they are weird to you, then so be it. Now if only you knew how weird you are to others...

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