Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lost In My Own Space & Lack Of Time

It used to be that I had all the time in the world to do as I pleased. Then I got a few ideas in my little brain and the next thing I knew I was doing exactly as I pleased, but couldn't find enough time in a day to get it all done! I have, for all intent and purposes, created my own monster.

How did this happen?

A good friend of mine once analyzed the 24 hour day and this was his observation:
A90Six "A day is 24hrs long, only if you stay in one place. In reality, each day that begins at the international date line continues for 48hrs. Although, 24 of that 48hrs will overlap the day before and the other 24 will overlap the day after, which also means that by crossing the line at just the right time you could go straight from Monday to Wednesday. This would mean that a day was no time at all.
So, on the one hand it has taken me no time at all to write this and on the other it’s taken me 48 hrs. I’m feeling kind of tired now, so I’m going with the latter."

And so there it is...a compelling argument for why I have all the time in the world but never enough of it to tame the aformentioned monster. I do however have my own top 5 reasons why I am an unpaid stress monkey;
1. I'm an artist at heart, and we all know what they say about artists...they're artsy
2. I can never say no
3. I create pet projects to ensure the one's I really should get done are conveniently ignored, such as developing a ligitimate excuse for not doing the laundry even though my computer desk is literally 3 paces from the washer & dryer
4. I'm a rebel, and we all know what they say about rebels...they're rebelishy
5. I'll think of something to put here...give me a minute to get my artistic rebel mind to make something quazi ligitimate up.

Tick tock, tick tock...the monster becons me.

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