Monday, May 11, 2009

No April Fool

How many times have you had someone pull a fast one on you? Most people pick the standard April Fool's Day to pull stunts on others, but there are the odd characters who enjoy pulling pranks whenever they can.

I've had the luxury of pulling a few fast one's on people before, and the best one to-date is the stunt I pulled on my cousin Karen a few years back. She had been talking for a while about how much she'd like to have a hot tub in her back yard, and I go so tired of hearing about it I had to do something. Karen is one of those people who will do virtually anything to get something for free, and for her this would have been the deal of the century, so I decided to set her up by getting a good friend to call her and pretend they were from a local radio station that was giving a way a $15,000.00 hot tub as a promo for a local hot tub distributor/advertiser. She fell for it hook line and sinker. We told her that her name had been entered by her husband in a ballot draw at the local mall and all she had to do was answer a music history question and the hot tub was hers. You could hear the panic in her voice as we posed this question:

What year did Micheal Jackson purchase the rights to the Beatle's catalog?

Well, you could have heard a pin drop - the silence on the phone was deafening. She finally spoke with a cry in her voice claiming that she had no idea and there was nobody at home to even help her out with the answer. She struggled for the longest time to come up with the correct year, but knew so little of music history that all she could do was guess. Of course, no matter what answer she gave, it was going to be a wrong one because we didn't know the answer either!

To this day, I still feel bad for doing this to her, but frankly not many people have pulled pranks like this and gotten away with it, so in a sadistic sort of way I feel quite proud of myself. The trick is to cover all your tracks, practice it a few times, and be prepared for anything to go wrong. Lucky for me I was forgiven and a good laugh was shared. This puts me into the category of ME.AZ.OL.

But alas, I am not immune to being had by others from time to time.

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