Sunday, April 19, 2009

Valley Girls In Vancouver?

Sometimes when we are out walking we overhear the odd conversation from people we pass by. The other day I was walking along Manitoba St. at Broadway where there are a number of bicycle & sporting goods stores. It's kind of a funky little neighbourhood; lots of interesting shops, heritage homes and community gardens which remind me a bit of San Francisco's suburbs.

As I passed two women talking about bicylces, one gal says in a very Valley Girl style accent, "I like totally love to ride around the Seawall at Stanley Park with a bottle of wine".

My mind instantly wandered in this direction: I don't know about anybody else but if I downed a bottle wine, I'm not so sure riding a bicycle would be such a good plan. And then I wondered if being soused on wine while riding a bike would be classified as drinking and driving. You may not kill anyone, but you'll definitely up the chances of killing yourself. Helmet therefore rendered useless.

I envisioned a re-inactment of Peewee Herman laughing and waving at people while freestyle ridding in a random wavy pattern along a busy main street, ringing his bell, then haphazardly ramming into the backside of a parked car and tossing himself over the roof of it. Peewee never had a helmet on in any of his films.

Ok, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but Vancouver isn't Amsterdam and even in Stanley Park it's not easy to get around on a bicycle without having your full wits about you. For most, walking while soused on said bottle of wine is difficult enough (present company included).

So, did I get the crux of the conversation as I passed by, or did I take with me a snippet of a much larger one and then let my imagination fill in the blanks? It doesn't actually matter either way as I got what I needed from it and entertained myself while enjoying the spring air and that funky little neighbourhood. Like, totally! Ha Ha Ha!

P.S. Remember this scene..."Tequilla!"

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