Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where DID The Time Go?

Between figuring out all my new computer equipment and entering photography contests, I've been seriously strapped for time. My husband is officially pissed at me and my computers, and who could blame him????

I had the brilliant idea to hook up two computers to one monitor, keyboard and mouse. Seemed simple enough. All I had to do was buy a router and a converter, do the plug'n'play hook up thing, run the Windows network setup program and I'm away. But wait...what have we here? Oh, yes I should have thought of that when I was at the computer store 5 times ago mouse isn't being recognized by the simple plug'n'play set up, (among other things) and I managed to forget to beg the salesperson not to overlook any possible inclusions to my purchase(s). It's not about lack of funds here, it's about lack of know-how, and you'd think a computer store salesperson would be only too willing to sell you every possible gadget and thingamajig you may or may not need to get the job done.

Is it just me, or is the technology age kind of like dog years? Seems to me that my mouse is only 1 human year old, but technologically it's actually 7 years old, which would rightfully explain why my new simple plug'n'play set up isn't recognizing it. Now it all makes perfect sense!

If being technologically up-to-date means that you age 7 times faster, then I'm only too glad to be a"mere mortal".

George: "Say Goodnight Gracie"
Gracie: "Goodnight Gracie"

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Randy said...

Time flies when you’re playing with or are on the computer, doesn't it? But I must say, I have never tried to connect two computers to one monitor. That, for my wife and I, would mean only one of us could be on a computer at a time. (since we don’t have a 40 inch wide monitor) And we do enjoy sitting next to each other on our separate machines (and separate monitors) doing our emails, or paying bills, or processing photos, or whatever. Somehow it’s more fun when we can be doing our thing sitting next to each other, even if we don’t always say much. Yet when one of us comes across something interesting or gets a hilarious email, we do share it. So “computing” is something we do together and it has actually been another bonding sort of thing. It comes quite naturally for us, since we spend almost all our time together and are each other’s best friend anyway. It’s nice to have yet another thing we can share. I did hookup two monitors to one computer once, though. It was pretty cool to see the cursor move off the left side of the right monitor and onto the right side of the left monitor. But it was not practical for anything I was doing. As far as the mouse goes, I thought that was one of the only things that was largely timeless in a technological sense. Don’t even the older mice still work on newer machines? Well, I must admit that my new PC doesn’t have the old mouse port that has been a standard for so many years. But the wireless USB mouse (optical) and keyboard did come with a mouse port to USB adapter. So while the old technology may be getting phased out, it seems it is still there today. Something must remain at least semi- sacred! Dick: “Say goodnight, Tommy.” Tommy: “Goodnight Tommy”. (I’m old and remember the Smother’s Brothers)