Sunday, February 10, 2008


Welcome to The Scenic Route blog. The crux of my conversations here will be about the internet radio show I co-host with the lovely Suzanne McCord. I dabble in photography and song writing as well and plan to include these hobbies into the mix. - personal photo upload site - Internet Radio Host - Dating & Relationships

Check out the above links and let me know your thoughts by emailing me at

Cheers, S.


A90 said...

Love the front page, very glam. I have seen your photos already and visited the Radio site for MP3 downloads of the show. Let's see if you get any comments from your Radio Show listeners.

I had one of these Blogger Blogs once, but didn't know what to write about for six months. Then I came up with the bright idea to use it to bitch about my second wife.

I exceeded the Blogger upload limits within four days without anyone else commenting. Google shut me down. To keep it going I had to start a newsletter, which I hand out for free every Saturday morning at the local supermarket.

Good luck with The Scenic Route. May this be the first comment of many. T.

Sigfusson said...

Thanks T, now that you've posted here as my "first", I guess I can't call myself a blogging virgin anymore. I'll have to make sure I post the link to this site on the Beaver's web site.

Two ex-wives eh? I'll bet you have lots to bitch blog about - could make for some interesting conversation on the show.

"Hello, you are on the air with Dr. Sandra Sigfusson, and I'm listening"