Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Things

25 Things About Me...

1) I'd sell my house and travel the world with the money. The only problem is my husband and kids would be homeless.

2) I'm trying for the 1 billionth time to quit smoking

3) I daydream every night that I'm chosen to be the Island Caretaker for Tourism Queensland

4) I love photography

5) I've never taught my kids how to do their own laundry

6) I hate cleaning toilets

7) I hate socks

8) I love cats & dogs. Would have a houseload if the local bylaws would allow it...only allowed to have two dogs, so we do!

9) It's virtually impossible for me to say no to anybody

10) I love sunny locations so much that I'm thinking I must have been a Simoan woman in a previous life

11) Editing videos, maintaining our miriad of networking websites and managing our two websites (Beavertalk.com & Leaveittwobeavers.com) takes up 7 hours of my day every day!

12) Nothing beats a good joke and a hearty laugh

13) I don't believe that the number 13 is bad luck

14) I know eventually I will win the lottery...don't ask me how I know this, but I just know I will.

15) I believe I'm so highly intuative that it borders on psychic ability. Maybe this is how I know I'll win the lottery - hahahahahaha.

16) I'm highly rebellious. Just try telling me I can't do anything.

17) I still have the pressed petals of one of the dozen red roses my husband gave to me on my 17th birthday.

18) If you ever were stuck for a gift idea for me, just buy 6 Cordial Cherries from Purdy's Chocholates and I'll love you forever!

19) Susan and I have been doing our internet radio show for 3 years.

20) I'd like to learn how to fly and ultralight

21) This is my favourite number, and also the day of the month I was born...coincidence? You betcha!

22) I'm sick of American Idol, but compelled to watch it.

23) I don't watch beauty pagents because I always cry when they crown the winner

24) I have an innate ability to pick out people who would make great models...missed my calling as a model agent

25) If I don't laugh at least once a day I feel like I've missed out on the real meaning of life.

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