Monday, February 25, 2008

The City In My Head

People see the city where they live in a completely different way than everybody else does. We take from our city what we need and leave the rest behind.

When was the last time you drove through your city and looked at each area that you passed in an objective "tourist" kind of way? This is an interesting excercise if you have the time. You will appreciate the potential or lack of potential each area has.

If I drove from my home to the downtown core, it would take me close to 1 hour to get from point A to point B. In that time I will pass a fair bit of waterfront containing both industrial and residential sections, average neighbourhoods, old neighbourhoods, renewed neighbourhoods, bad neighbourhoods, really really bad neighbourhoods, and then hit the city core.

In a 1 hour drive I will see virtually every human walk of life. In a 1 hour drive I will see an entire world of activity completely different from my own little world. In a 1 hour drive I could give my kids an education on the basics of humanity.

The city in my head is only as large as I need it to be, but I now realize that a 1 hour drive could change that.

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